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Vektor Data Display RHD - VW Golf MK7 | MK7.5

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The all-new Vektor Data Display!

Finally available for the RHD Golf MK7 and 7.5

The Vektor data display fits all Golf MK7 models. From the 1.0 TSI to the R, from the 1.6 TDI to the GTD. All body variants, pre-facelift and facelift.

Our display offers the following features:

  • 2 Dashboards + Custom Dash
  • 2 Mass Dashboards + max. Values
  • Service-Functions
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code read / delete
  • Data-Logger
  • Coding
  • E85 Content reading
  • Performance-Accelerometer (30 Hz + DR)

Hint: To achieve the best satellite reception for accelerometry, we have developed the so-called GNSS turnout. This enables us to use the vehicle antenna. There are no disadvantages in navigation, no active operation by the driver is required. For vehicles without antenna on the roof, we supply a very high-quality active GNSS antenna. This can be stowed in the dashboard. To be able to deliver your order correctly, we need to know the following from you. Does your vehicle have a standard navigation system with shark antenna on the roof? Then please choose the option switch. If your vehicle is equipped with a radio, without navigation and antenna on the roof, then please select the option antenna.

Items delivered:

  • VCU
  • Golf MK7 Display with RHD Frame
  • Vehicle specific wiring harness
  • Tools
  • Holder for control unit
  • Installed Mico-SD card
  • Mini USB cable
  • Illustrated installation- and operating instructions
  • GNSS Antenna or Switch