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Evolve TCU Gearbox Remap - BMW F90 M5

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We are now able to tune the F90 M5 gearbox TCU to work in conjunction with our ECU tunes. The benefits are faster shifts speeds and increased torque limits which in turn provide faster acceleration in all gears.

The software upgrade is flashed to the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) via the OBD and can also be carried out remotely. All you need is an E-Net to OBD cable and laptop running Windows. If you require a E-Net cable for remotely tuning , please let us know and we can supply one. 

  • Increased torque limiters
  • Faster shift times
  • Faster acceleration

Designed in conjuction with our F90 M5 ECU tune, but is compatible with other tunes.

Supported Vehicles

  • BMW F90 M5 (2018 - 2019)
  • BMW F90 M5 Competition (2018 - 2019)