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LEIB CAN MIL DeleteR - BMW F Series | G Series

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LEIB CAN MIL DELETER - no check engine light (CEL) after changing the catalyst(s) or GPF/OPF(s).

Plug & play installation in about 30 minutes without cutting or brazing. Installation is possible without any previous knowledge by reading the illustrated installation guide. Alternatively we recommend installation by an authorized service center. Automotive connectors retains full functionality. The LEIB CAN BUS unit ensures with the E1 approval and CE label the highest claim in the BUS system of the car.

Main functions:

DELETER | The error entry that occurs by changing the catalyst(s) and/or the GPF/OPF(s) will be disabled. No error entry, no check engine light (CEL).

Important information:

The CAN BUS module is automatically DISABLED, if a BMW Tester is connected to the car.
There will be NO error entry by using the LEIB CAN MIL DELETER.