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Eventuri Carbon Fibre Turbo Tube - Mercedes A35 AMG | CLA35 AMG | A250 | CLA250

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*Some images show our A35 Intake system available separately
Fitment: Mercedes A35 AMG, CLA35 AMG, A250, CLA250

The Mercedes A35 Eventuri Turbo Tube has been developed to provide the turbo with a less restrictive flow path as compared to the stock tube. We have managed to increase the internal volume as well as eliminating the ridged flexible section at the airbox side. By using a completely solid tube all the way from the intake to the turbo, the flow path is smoother and therefore airflow can remain more laminar. To account for engine movement, our A35 intake has a “floating” tube, which can move within the airbox. The shape of the carbon tube at the turbo end has been optimised using CFD to minimise turbulence. The connection to the turbo is achieved with an innovative silicon coupler that features an internal thermal separator between the carbon tube and the metal turbo housing. The multiple breather connectors at the back of the tube are taken care of with a CNC machined block which also provides a smooth internal surface for airflow within the tube.

The Eventuri A35-A250 Turbo Inlet Tube is manufactured from prepreg carbon fiber and comes with a number of other components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards.

Fitment is available for the A35, CLA35 and A250. The inlet tube is designed to fit our intake system only.

Each inlet system consists of:

  • Prepreg Carbon Tube
  • CNC Machined Breather Block
  • CNC Machined MAP Boss
  • CNC Machined Breather Connector
  • CNC Machined Reinforcement Ring
  • Laser Cut Bracket
  • Silicon Couplers With Oil Resistant Lining
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hose Clamps