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ARB Intensity IQ Driving Lights

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ARB Intensity IQ driving lights have been developed with performance front of mind, while delivering a design that complements modern vehicle styling. Their unique four-optic design (Super Spot, Spot, Flood and Midrange) provides an unlimited choice of light beams to suit any road condition. The Super Spot and Spot optics, based on free-form reflector technology, produce an even spot beam for extended distance illumination. The Flood optic has a specially designed lens to maximize the light spread for excellent foreground visibility. The Midrange optics employ a conventional parabolic reflector to illuminate the midrange area. Furthermore, the beam pattern of each of the two lights can be independently adjusted so you could run, for example, one focused on spot and one focused on flood. An innovative, sleek, new mounting bracket design allows adjustment of light beam angle and provides additional mass and a surface for cooling. A pair of lights provides 1 Lux @ 4429 feet with the Max Spot setting, and the Max Flood setting provides 1 Lux @ 2953 feet with up to 164 foot spread on each side of the vehicle. The ARB Intensity IQ lights represent the perfect balance between visibility at distance and spread both down and across the road.