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ARB Fridge Power Pack (15ah) (For Use with ARB Zero Fridge Freezers)

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Finding that perfect spot to take in the view is what adventure is all about, but then there?s the argument ? whose turn is it to get the next round of drinks from the car or campsite? Now, just bring the fridge with you! The new ARB Portable Power Pack has been specifically designed to keep ARB Zero Fridge Freezers powered when the vehicle or campsite is out of reach - or even if you?re on-the-job at a worksite. Lightweight and packed with 15Ah of lithium punch, the new ARB Portable Power Pack will keep your food and drinks cold no matter where the day takes you. Aside from the most important job of keeping your food and drinks cold in your fridge while you?re out on the trails, the Power Pack has a multitude of additional uses such as: powering the fridge in the family SUV to pick up groceries, hosting a barbecue at the park or the beach, or spending the day out on your boat. It can even serve as a backup for your ARB Zero Fridge when the power goes out at home. The new ARB Portable Power Pack turns your ARB Zero Fridge Freezer into so much more than just a portable fridge!