Evolve Exhaust System BMW E9x M3

Evolve High flow X Pipe with High Flow CATS
Evolve Rear Exhausts

E9x M3 V8, performance gain approx. 25-30hp / 25 lb.ft torque
X Pipe - £1600
Rear Exhausts - £1200
Full System - £2700

The evolve E9x M3 system has been designed to give excellent power gains, weight reduction, F1 like noise without being obtrusive.
There are many exhaust systems on the market for the E9x M3.  A majority of companies produce only the rear section which is primariily about increasing noise levels.

The Evolve exhaust comes in two pieces:

Evolve X Pipe

From the X Pipes on the market, only one manufacturer makes one which does not increase sound levels dramatically but it does not fit a standard rear section.
We therefore developed an X Pipe which would fit the standard rear section and produce a sophisticated noise with high quality catalytic converters.
Power gains alone from this section are in the region of 25-30hp and 25lb.ft torque.

Evolve Rear Exhaust

The rear section was again built to not introduce too much cabin noise and incorporates Helmoltz resonators to canel out low frequency noise at particular RPM's.

The system is designed and built in the UK and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Built from surgical grade Grade Stainless steel and gas purged TIG welded making it one of the best constructed and welded stainless steel exhaust systems on the market

Available with a choice of tail pipes:
- 76mm titanium tips straight cut
- 76mm Stainless Steel slash/staggered/straight 
- 80mm Stainles Steel