Evolve ECU Remap BMW E9x 330d 231bhp

ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax
E9x 330d 231 bhp, performance gain approx. 50-60hp incl. V-MAX release
Prices  - £499
The Evolve ECU upgrade takes the 330d to 335d power with 286bhp and 700Nm torque.
The software upgrade was designed and tested at our dyno facility and on road to give optimal performance with maximum safety.
Much time was taken to develop the software to give improved throttle response and factory like drivability with a progressive power delivery.
The end result is a 330d which is significantly faster to accelerate and smoother to drive while at the same time returning 10-15% improved fuel economy.
- 60 bhp @ 4250rpm
- 40-50 bhp extra through rpm range
- 97 lb.ft torque @ 2500rpm
- 80 lb.ft torque extra through rpm range
- 10-15% fuel econmoy improvement
- Factory drivability with more power everywhere
- Smooth and progressive power delivery
- Dyno and road developed
- Free updates due to dealer overwrite
Dyno Graphs (click to enlarge):


Evolve Switch - Available worldwide (available to purchase online below)

Remote ECU Remap Performance Software Upgrade with Vmax
E9x 330d 231 bhp, performance gain approx. 50-60hp incl. V-MAX release
Evolve Switch - £699 EU | £607 non EU
Our ECU upgrade for the 330d is now available worldwide with the introduction of our remapping unit which we send out to you and is connected directly to your OBDII port and allows us to remotely upgrade your car.
The Evolve Switch also allows you to return your car back to the standard setting when ever you wish and then go back to the tuned state.  The write proceedure takes all but 5 mins.
- Identical remap as above
- Switch to standard or tuned map within 5 mins
- Easy to use
- Reads and clears fault codes
- Available worldwide