Evolve Automotive t/as Performance Tuning Solutuions Ltd is an internationally operating tuning company specialising in performance upgrades for European sports cars.....


Our aim is simple - to bring engineered performance upgrades to like minded enthusiasts  that work and do not have exaggerated power claims.  In addition to this our aim is to deliver the best service and after sales in the industry. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated.

Our headquarters houses a state of the art 4-wheel drive Dyno Dynamics dynamometer capable of holding load and measuring upto 1200 BHP per axle.


Performance upgrades fall in into 2 main categories: ECU Software upgrades and Performance Parts.


Evolve ECU upgrades are developed in house utilising 100’s of hours of dyno and road testing to ensure the best performance whilst retaining reliability. We also have our own end user flash loader called the Evolve-R. This has revolutionised the way customers can receive Evolve ECU upgrades as it allows customers all over the world access to our tuning.


Evolve performance parts range has grown to include exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems, intercoolers and carbon fibre intakes. Our robust development and testing procedure ensures that by choosing Evolve hardware the customer is maximising the potential of their vehicle. By looking at OEM parts designed for minimal cost, noise and emissions regulations we are able to identify which parts to develop and replace. We do not make products just to market them – they have to work.


We have helped many discerning customers take their car beyond the ordinary whilst still retaining a factory feel. This is in essence what we do.


Take a look at magazine features about Evolve in the Press section for independent road tests on Evolved cars.